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Coming 2012 - Software Tech Evening

Time23:59:59 Phone
DateSaturday, December 31, 2011 Web
VenueThe ISDN Castle

Evening Tech Events for Irish based Software Developers are presently refurbing the ISDN Castle, a 50 seat private auditorium based in Castle Street, Dublin 2, and will soon be re-launching the Irish Software Developers Network, an exclusive network of Irish based software developers who wish to attend evening technology sessions where social education is at the core.



How it Works - No Presentations, Just Open Dialogue

The ISDN Castle is being opened in response to feedback we've received from the many user groups around Dublin. It seems people like meeting, but pubs just don't work when it comes to having a focussed group - too many comings, too many goings, too much noise and too many distractions.


Not to mention the €6.00 price tag for a drink!


So, we're providing a dedicated venue right in the heart of the city for software developers to meet. The ISDN has powerful open Wi-Fi, interactive whiteboards, 'live' video and sound streaming, and beer and pizza to round off a fabulous social learning experience.



You Choose the Experts, Not Us

But that's not all. Our members will be polled to select the speakers and experts they want to deliver specific or generic technology subjects matter, be it Java, .Net, PHP, databases, mobile, BI, whatever.


And this isn't about death by powerpoint either! No way. In fact the experts selected by our members will have around 10 minutes to deliver a high level subject matter presentation to set the scene, and after that it's whiteboard interaction all the way, with them having to respond to audience questions on the fly!



Members & Non-Members

We want the Irish Software Developers Network to be as inclusive as it can possibly be. We're not insisting that you join to attend our events. On the contrary, you can come along for a general admission of €25.00 which will give you the same event benefits as everyone else, including the beer and refreshments!


However, if you choose to become a member of the Irish Software Developers Network, an investment of just of €64 (yes, a measly sixty four euro) for the whole of 2012, you'll be able to attend one event each quarter, receiving priority invitations to ALL of the other tech evenings (with a 20% discount on general admission), plus access to ALL of the live and recorded streams. You will also have priority invites and discounts to every other Irish Software Developer Network events (we're planning some very nice things for later in the summer ;-) and promotions throughout the year.


As importantly, you will also have full voting rights so we deliver the content you want.


For further information on our schedule of events, or to by notified when membership opens, please email




User Groups

If you'd like to use the ISDN Castle for your own gigs, that great. In fact, we're encouraging you to get in touch at


(btw - did you know you can promote your regular gigs for free on - Click this Red Star!)



Corporate Supporters

Your financial support will help us provide the Irish software community with a fabulous place to learn and network with like minded people - these are the developers who want to learn; who want to have stronger skills; and want to build superior products in Irish companies, like yours, so collectively we can lead the global software markets. They are the people who are best placed to help your company succeed, and by supporting these initiatives you can position your business positively in their eyes.


We've worked with some fabulous Irish success stories in the past. Companies like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Digital Mines, WhatClinic, KPMG, Product Innovator, Microsoft, Realex AOL, Unum, IBM, ESET, Worky, and Avnet, to name just a few. With the launch of the ISDN Castle, we're pretty confident we can help your company receive serious benefits should you support our community. Why not get in touch with us to find out how?



We're Looking Forward to Meeting You in 2012!







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