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Chatterbox Debuts @AppExchange2

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DateThursday, April 08, 2010

Chatterbox Debuts @AppExchange2 App To Accelerate Market Shift To The Cloud 2 Computing Paradigm
, a leading provider of online cloud accounting solutions built natively on's platform  has launched Chatterbox, a new app on's ChatterExchange,  which it believes will help accelerate the market shift to the Cloud 2 computing paradigm.



Chatterbox is a powerful new Salesforce Chatter-enabled business collaboration application using the new social capabilities of The speed of business change, combined with reliance on haphazard technologies like email, is preventing increasingly virtual companies from being agile.


Chatterbox is the first collaboration tool of its kind that alerts staff proactively about changes in the business so they can collaborate and react to solve problems, improve processes and drive competitiveness. It is among the first apps to leverage the social components of Chatter now available in the platform.


Chatterbox monitors activities on against a set of rules defined by the user. When a rule is triggered, the users linked to that rule are notified and a Salesforce Chatter stream is started. Chatterbox searches constantly for events that trigger those alerts and encourages collaboration in response to a situation.


Business situations could include the following:


• When an outstanding credit on a customer account goes over 90 days - finance and sales professionals linked to that account can be immediately alerted, then they can quickly identify the reasons for non-payment and act to try and solve the problem to help cash flow and prevent further sales to that client being held up.

• When a specific supplier has been paid or a new supplier engaged - to help procurement and marketing departments better manage their suppliers and improve relationships.

• Customer accounts that show no activity for a specified length of time - may indicate service deficiencies and help ensure customers are contacted regularly.

• New sales over a specific size or won against a key competitor - to keep management and marketing abreast of sales trends.


With Chatterbox, users from anywhere in the business can monitor important business data in real-time. This detail and the resulting conversations that are kicked off by Salesforce Chatter are captured and recorded by the system for audit purposes and historical analysis.



Using Chatter, organizations can avoid the inevitable email issues such as time lapses and unstructured communication. Users can communicate with all the people from across departments that are relevant to the discussion and can see at a glance what has happened so far, who is involved and what actions are being taken at that moment.



Salesforce Chatter provides a rich suite of social collaboration components including profiles, status updates and real-time feeds that developers and partners are now using to build new social enterprise apps. The ChatterExchange, a new category on AppExchange 2, provides a single location for customers to try and buy these new solutions that can extend the benefits of cloud computing and social-enabled business applications throughout the enterprise.



George Hu, executive vice president, marketing and alliances said:"With Chatterbox, has really considered the business value that social collaboration can deliver for enterprise customers," . "Real-time collaboration using social enterprise tools like Salesforce Chatter and's Chatterbox will break down traditional communication barriers and overcome the problems associated with email or legacy on-premise collaboration software."



Chatterbox works with applications, applications and any custom objects or ISV products running on the platform. The application provides anytime, anywhere access to real-time feeds via Blackberry or iPhone mobile devices, so users can be updated and respond as business issues arise. president and CEO Jeremy Roche (pictured) said: "Agile firms win, and the costs of losing a deal or a customer are too high to risk these days".

ROUNDUP330.png"Companies have fewer decision makers than ever and are dealing with huge change, so they need to be proactive if they want to really learn about what's going on in their business. Traditional communication tools like email or phone are flawed when you need many people to collaborate. They respond at different speeds or communicate one-to-one, so everyone is at different stages in a conversation.


"Chatterbox, in collaboration with Salesforce Chatter, solves that and has the potential to tear down the walls between front and back office and those between departments.


"It enables companies to proactively monitor business activity and focuses the company around solving the big problems: improving customer service, delivering better products, driving down costs and increasing the bottom line. This is a new kind of business collaboration we've never seen before."


The Chatterbox beta will be available to registrants via the new ChatterExchange, a new category for social enterprise apps that is now part of AppExchange 2.





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