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Testing the Irish IT Jobs Market

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DateMonday, August 09, 2010

Testing the Irish IT Jobs Market 

Software Tester SQS Announce Plans to Recruit 20 Additional Engineers Across Dublin and Belfast Operations

SQS_Phil_Codd.jpgSQS Ireland, part of the largest independent software testing and quality management consultancy in Europe, has confirmed that it has exceeded its business growth projections and now has ambitious plans to increase its current workforce by 25 per cent by September of this year.


The company, which has offices in Dublin and Belfast, is currently experiencing a growth in demand for its specialist software testing services has recently recruited up to 15 professionals comprising a combination of IT graduates and experienced software and project management professionals.


The new jobs that SQS is now looking to fill include positions for experienced software quality engineers, software testing managers, performance engineers and software test analysts, and will see the company grow to over 100 people here.


Despite the difficult general economic situation, SQS said it is seeing a continued rise in demand for independent outsourced managed testing services that provide a mixture of effective onshore and offshore solutions. Recent customer contracts secured by SQS Ireland include managed services work for Paddy Power, WBT Systems and Web Reservations International who, co-incidently, has just recruited Paddy Power's Head of Technology, Mr John O'Donnell (more).


In particular, the company has identified industries such as the financial services and energy utilities sectors where increased regulation and the need for greater compliance is placing a renewed focus on the upgrading of existing IT systems. Phil Codd, managing director for SQS Ireland, said: "There is a growing recognition in the business community that if you don't thoroughly test your IT systems before you go live, the costs of any resulting faults can be significant. Industry surveys consistently indicate that 25 per cent of IT projects fail due to lack of testing. The key to any successful project is therefore to put ‘quality processes' at the forefront of everything you do, to test early and to test often."



He added: "Companies now accept that testing is a necessary strategic investment in any IT project, but choosing the right people to carry out the work is critical. At SQS, we have built a business around providing independent, quality driven testing services by trained professionals. Our continued plans for expansion in the Irish market will enable us to meet our business commitments and position us to meet the growing demand that we believe is out there for managed testing services."


Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, SQS Software Quality Systems AG has approximately 1,700 employees across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. For the 2009 financial year ended, AIM listed SQS generated an adjusted profit before tax of €7 million with turnover amounting to €134.3 million.



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