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DateThursday, September 02, 2010

Rebrand for 

European Health and Cosmetic Clinic Directory Takes the Rebrand Medicine to Help with International Growing Pains



WHATCLINIC_Caelen_King.jpgIn a bid to help its International growth plans, Irish-based, Europe's largest independent health directory, has gone through an expensive  name change to effective from today. The company's 500,000 monthly visitors are now seamlessly transferred to where they can quickly and easily compare their treatment options across a huge range of high value cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery & beauty procedures worldwide.



The website operates in over 20 countries worldwide and has experienced explosive growth, with traffic tripling to 500,000 unique visitors per month since the start of 2010. It lists over 100,000 clinics across the world on its website with 2,500 in Ireland alone and claims that over the last year alone, it has connected 400,000 patients predominately from the UK, USA, Ireland and continental Europe to clinics, worth a potential €1.2 billion in treatment value.



Talking to this afternoon, Caelen King, (pictured) CEO of, said that the Reva name just came out of the air, and before they knew it, that is what they were trading as: "The brand did a great job in getting us where we are today. As we expanded into new markets, particularly the UK, we needed a name that instantly communicates what we do and we started to realize that our name wasn't communicating our value to first time visitors to our site.  However, we now feel that is perfect as it clearly articulates our vision of consumer choice."



King, who is undoubtedly one of Ireland's most successful internet entrepreneurs, said there were over 400 todos in their rebrand project plan. "Everything from changing the door bell sign to making sure we could receive payment to the new name." To avoid the  risk in the first place, a great deal of thought should be given to the name when setting out.



Of course, rebrands can be expensive and risky with the possibility of losing traction, reputation and customers, and King offers the following advice to future internet entrepreneurs facing a similar problem: "Plan it well in advance. Buy the domain you are moving to well in advance and make sure that you have it well protected. So in our example we bought,,, etc in all of our main geographic locations. Afterwards, make sure all of your customers are well informed PRIOR to the event and get their buy in."

King added: "Google have a nice tool to tell it that you are changing your URL which make the technical process a little bit less easy, but it still a bit hair raising doing to the switch over." is based in Dublin, Ireland and employs 14 people. It is funded by Enterprise Ireland and a number of seasoned technology entrepreneurs including Ray Nolan of Hostelworld, which itself is a directory, and Paddy Holahan of Newbay Software.




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