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Cloud Collaboration in Dublin

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DateWednesday, September 21, 2011

Cloud Collaboration in Dublin

Digital Mines and Logentries Form Mutual Partnership to Help Customers Understand Cloud Infrastructure



Digital Mines Ed Byrne

Dublin cloud computing companies Digitalmines, who provide a cloud management platform, and JLizard Logentries, an emerging SAAS based log management provider based in NovaUCD, have announced a partnership between their respective services for managing and monitoring applications and infrastructure, which they say will enable system admins, app developers, and management to  easily manage and understand their infrastructures.



The collaboration is seen as a win-win for both companies. Digitalmines provides a platform for businesses to deploy and manage their servers and applications in the Cloud through one simple control panel, and customers can now avail of a deeper set of analytical tools, whilst logentries gain another route to market with Digitalmines customers.



Logentries provides log management as a service as a cost effective solution for managing and understanding IT infrastructures and applications. Engineers are able to store, search and very easily understand their log data and ultimately their systems. It allows IT teams to prevent system downtime by identifying critical issues ahead of time and significantly reduces analysis time when issues occur, and easily integrates with common operating systems and development platforms. It can be configured with almost any IT system or device.



Commenting on the announcement, Logentries CEO, Trevor Parsons, said: "Logentries and Digitalmines are complementary solutions, giving end users a combined interface for easily managing and understanding their systems. Development and operations teams can become more productive and responsive when it comes to management and debugging of systems. The partnership will allow those looking to take advantage of efficiencies of using the cloud, to do so more easily, and to get on board without a steep learning curve."


Ed Byrne, Managing Director of Digitalmines, added: "The new partnership with logentries has enabled us to offer our customers a value added service. Our offer is designed to enable companies to optimize the costs and performance of their IT infrastructure. The analytics that our customers will be able to take advantage of from this partnership will enable them to take advantage of insights to deliver a competitive advantage for their organisation."





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A free trial of Digitalmines is available HERE


A free trial of Logentries is available HERE




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