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Fake Tesco Gift Certificate Scams

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DateThursday, September 06, 2012
AuthorUrban Schrott, IT Security & Cybercrime Analyst

Fake Tesco Gift Certificate Scams

Anti-virus ESET Reveals Fake Tesco Gift Certificate Scams Targetting Your Mailboxes and Facebook


Emails and Facebook wall posts are appearing, offering Tesco vouchers and gift certificates, but leading to fraudulent websites.

ESET Ireland's scam monitoring has revealed yet another online scam, targeting Irish computer users. Using known brands to attract attention and give an impression of credibility has long been a favourite tactic of scammers. This time it's the well known Tesco that is being abused for cybercriminals nasty plans.


One variation of the scam comes in the form of an email, claiming Tesco is offering a €50 gift certificate if you fill out their survey. The e-mail says:




Sounds legit? Well, the email name saying, but with a German address is odd enough, but it wouldn't be entirely unusual, if there wasn't the second part of the actual survey, which asks you for your complete credit card details.

Supposedly with the purpose "to credit your €50 reward", handing over your credit card and other personal details like this is sure to make someone very happy, but it won't be you and your credit card balance certainly won't increase, but rather the opposite.


Another scam is making rounds on Facebook. A post on your friend's Screenshot of wall claims to offer "Free Tesco vouchers", calling to action by saying there are only a few left. If you click, you're likely to spam your friends with the same message, while the link you are taken to, will only try to infect your computer with adware and unwanted apps, get you into survey scams or redirect you to some other fraudulent site.


So, the best thing you can do with all of these "offers" is to not let your curiosity or greed for that extra little saving get the better of you. Ignore them, delete them, tell your Facebook friends not to click on them. Don't let online scammers make easy money on your trust and recognition of known brands like Tesco.









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