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Premier League Fantasy Football App

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DateFriday, August 16, 2013

Premier League Fantasy Football App

New free Fantasy Football app for 2013/14 English Premier League season now available on Android (coming soon on iOS)



130816_beatyourmanager_teamselection_branded.pngOn the eve of the new Premier League, England's top flight football championship, Irish gaming companies Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Games and Scraggly Dog Games have announced that the Beat Your Manager! Fantasy Football app is now free to download on Android devices from the Google Play Store



This innovative game is the first fantasy football game that lets users manage their favourite club by selecting their lineup, bench and formation before a matchand and make substitutions during the live match, to see if the players they select are better than the ones chosen by the real-life manager!



The app is developed by Dublin City University Invent-based Dr. Padraig Doolan, a former research scientist in bioinformatics and biostatistics. Using his knowledge, the game uses an advanced statistical scoring method, based on "moneyball" principles, that identify the key performance metrics (distance covered, passes completed, shots on target, etc.) that are important in determining good (and bad!) player performance. This scoring method is also capable of predicting the likely performance of a player in an upcoming match, which gets around the game logic problem of scoring players who don't play in real life.




Combining this innovative scoring method and novel gameplay with match day player performance data licensed from Opta, the game creates a unique per-player score and allows User's to pit their skills against their real-life Manager, as well as against each other. The game track's your performance over the full season so you can see how your Club would have fared if you were the Manager. Game users will also be able to set up Private leagues among their friends, workplaces, schools and forums, to see if they can beat each other in decision-making across the season.



Doolan, himself a lifelong football fan, explained the selections of the users will be assessed against bespoke and complex mathematics to generate performance scores between players. and against the real-life actions of the manager on the day.


Talking to last night at Find a CoFounder meetup event at TCube Dublin, he said; "It's great to see that after two years of planning and over a year of full-time effort, we will be launching our app on Google Play in time for the 2013/14 season. I strongly believe that this is the smartest fantasy football game ever invented."



The app is targeted specifically at fantasy football players in the U.K. and Ireland, and by promoting active participation in the live game Doolan believes it will change the way fans play fantasy football.  He continued; "We benchmark new players against the real manager's score, so no matter how late in the season you join, players will automatically be assigned equal points upon registration. This gives new users a chance to sign up at any point in the season and still compete.We hope to offer fans of premier league football a brand new take on fantasy football, giving you a fun way to test your managerial abilities using our second screen game."







Corporate Information


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Twitter @beatyourmanager


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