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GeoPal Safety App for Workers Alone

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DateFriday, November 01, 2013

GeoPal Safety App for Workers Alone

Cloud and Mobile App Developer GeoPal Solutions Raises €1.5m to Aid International Expansion



131101_Geopal_team.jpgGeoPal Solutions, a Dublin based developer of workforce management software for the cloud and apps for iOS and Android mobile, has announced the launch of a new service which will see lone workers in the field to be quickly assisted should they become victims of malicious behaviour or accidents.



The new service is an extension of the company's GeoPal application, which is designed to improve productivity and reduce administration costs for businesses that need to manage their field-based mobile workforces. According to the company, GeoPal eliminates paperwork by using mobile forms combined with an online job dispatch and mapping tools to capture data more accurately in the field, providing better visibility to administrators in the office.



The launch of its new service will enable businesses to protect lone workers in the field, therefore enabling businesses to comply with health and safety regulations. Using only the mobile phone and GeoPal app to provide additional safety measures for people working alone in the field, makes it much more affordable for small businesses explains CEO Gerard O’Keeffe, who co-founded GeoPal Solutions in 2011 with former colleague Paul Coyle and CTO Sean O'Reilly. "Other solutions for lone worker protection required companies to purchase additional devices or niche technology, which made them too expensive for small to medium businesses. GeoPal automatically notes the location of workers using GPS tracking, and supports frequent status checks to maximise safety in hazardous or hostile work environments."



Using only the worker’s mobile phone, the GeoPal app also allows the worker to discreetly raise a panic alarm to alert colleagues in the office of a dangerous situation or threat to their safety, without attracting the attention of an aggressor.


O'Keeffe continues: "Mobile forms are used to complete risk assessment surveys, ensuing accurate collection of data and complete records are stored for later audits. The app will detect if your worker has been still for a defined period of time, indicating the possibility of a man-down situation, such as a fall, immobilising illness, or having become trapped in an emergency situation, if the worker does not move the phone or interact with notifications"



GeoPal claims to have more than 40 customers, including All In Care, WEEE Ireland, Frontline Energy, and several county councils. GeoPal says it has been adopted by two of the contractors which have been awarded contracts by Irish Water, and a long-time customer and Dublin City Business Improvement District which was the first customer of GeoPal to test and adopt the new service.


DCBID Operations Manager Gerard Farrell said: "Because our staff are often working by themselves out in the open, we have a panic alert through GeoPal to alert us to any staff that are in danger. It gives us the geographic location and allows us to send another member of staff to that area straight away, or alert the authorities.”



O'Keeffe said GeoPal has raised €1.5million in seed funding from Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start Up (HPSU) fund and a number of private investors to support the company's expansion in the UK, US, Asia and South Africa where it has already a number of clients secured. He believes the territory expansion will also see 20 new jobs created, mainly in sales and customer support but with a third in developing web services and mobile apps with skills in PHP (web server), Java, GIS (mapping), and C# API integration.

"Since bringing GeoPal to market in 2012, we have established a network of sales partners covering Ireland, UK, USA and Asia, most notably including partnerships with O2 Ireland and Verizon in the USA. Expanding our business internationally has given our business the credibility which enabled us to secure the investment."









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