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Obituary - Luan O'Carroll

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DateThursday, April 23, 2015

Obituary - Luan O'Carroll

Untimely Passing of DubJug Founder and Java Event Ambassador Luan O'Carroll


Luan O'Carroll, founding member of Dublin Java User Group (@DubJUG) will be sorely missed in the Irish Java (@IrishDevdotcom) is sad to report the untimely and sudden passing of Luan O'Carroll, who was an original founding member of the Dublin Java User Group (@DubJUG) and who together with us, organised and hosted the first Irish Java Technologies Conference in 2007.



Raised in Roscommon, Luan graduated with an engineering degree from Dublin Institute of Technology in 1988. His first job took him to the United Kingdom where he worked as a research officer for National Power, which really gave him his first taste of computer programming with what are now legacy languages, FORTRAN and C.



After spending three years in the UK, Luan arrived back in Ireland when he joined Flite Software (1991 - 1995) in Letterkenny, and then Axiom Software Development (1995 - 1998) where he specialised in early internet applications. In 1999, Luan joined the Bank of Ireland technology team that were developing their internet banking product, and continued with banking products with Curach Consulting (now part of IBM Ireland).



Luan co-founded Xoetrope in 2001, a pioneering start-up which built open source tools and frameworks for Rich Internet Applications - it was a game changing company that perhaps was ahead of its time. Throughout 2007 and 2008, Luan worked remotely with Sun Microsystems, participating in several Java expert / standardization groups (JCPs) and also on the implementation of frameworks and libraries.



For the last 6 years, Luan held a high profile role in Business Objects SAP where he was responsible for the design and technology choices involved in bringing new technology and innovation into SAP. Delivery of these projects involved working with teams around the globe, setting up DevOps and continuous delivery processes to suit stacks, be it on premise, mobile or the cloud.



But aside from his professional work life, what set Luan above the thousands of people in the software community was his passion to promote technology in a community environment.



He was immensely integrated in the Java community in Dublin, from the early days of the Dublin Java User Group which met frequently in the Arlington Hotel on the fringe of Temple Bar, to discuss tech over pints, to larger scale events like the Irish Java Technology Conferences (2007 to 2011).



According to Barry Alistair (@BarryAlistair), who through worked closely with Luan on tech meetups and conferences, Luan was instrumental in bringing global Java and JVM evangelists such as Tim Berglund, Richard Bair, Charles Nutter, Werner Keil, Mark Proctor (Red Hat) Guillaume Laforge (inventor of Groovy) Jeff Genender, Manik Sutarni, Eugene Ciurana, Doug Clarke, Shaun Smith and many more to Ireland, and who he subsequently kept life-long relationships with.


Barry said: "I loved Luan for his passion in the community, and his drive to bring the best technologists to Ireland - one year, Luan insisted him and I travel to to Devoxx in Belgium so we could experience speakers and convince them to come to Ireland to share their knowledge with our developers.


He will be sorely missed and it was great sadness that we heard this news. Our condolences go out to his wife Ingrid, his young daughters, family, friends, colleagues and technology community."



Details of Luan's funeral here.







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