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IT Workers 70% Looked For New Jobs

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DateFriday, May 06, 2016

70% of Irish and UK IT Workers Have Looked For New Jobs

I've Considered Applying or Have Applied for a Job in Another Organisation in the Last 12 months Say Report Participants


IrishDev_EMC_Gerry_Murray.jpgAccording to a new EMC study of Irish and UK businesses, 7 in 10 IT workers have looked for new job in last year frustrated by lack of career progression and being underpaid.



The EMC report, 'The Great Skills Exodus', cites Irish and UK businesses are failing to prioritise IT and risk losing IT talent as a result.



Gerry Murray, (pictured) Country Manager of EMC Ireland which employs around 3,000 in the Cork region, said: "The research puts in clear terms the challenges that businesses across Ireland and the UK are facing when hiring and retaining IT talent.

For these businesses to retain their tech talent, senior management must embrace the role IT plays in business development. In addition to competitive pay and career progression, management must delegate more creative control to IT teams, allowing for greater innovation and efficiency within the business."


Murray adds that a real shortage of tech skills, particularly in new fields like cloud computing and data analytics, means IT professionals are free to pick and choose who they work for and in what field.

"With national and global demand for these skills on the rise and tens of thousands of jobs either directly or indirectly linked to tech set to be created in the coming years, companies must act now to create a working culture that is friendly to IT."



Across many industries the report also highlighted that a lack of career progression outweighed a poor pay package as the priority for considering alternative roles. This potential staff churn significantly threatens the growth of Irish and UK firms as they increasingly focus on technology to compete and innovate.



Company culture is highlighted as a barrier for many, with 26% citing their organisation as unwilling to change the way that ‘things have always been done', 23% revealing a lack of understanding of IT's role, and nearly a third (30%) stating that there are few opportunities to demonstrate their ability.



The study also revealed that people managers in the industry are fully aware of the factors driving their team members to leave yet seem unable or unwilling to negotiate changes needed to address the growing problem. Businesses in Ireland and the UK risk falling behind in the innovation race-resulting in a loss of market share to more agile and disruptive firms-if they fail to provide fulfilling careers for their IT teams and incorporate them into the wider business team and strategy.




Commenting on the report, Gerry Nolan, founder of Irish technology recruitment company Stackand.Co said: "Even though there is a high demand of jobs available in Ireland, at my company we urge people to firstly address the issues they face internally. The EMC report states that managers are aware of people wanting to leave, but in our own experience this proves not to be the case."



Technology event promotor, Barry Alistair of said; "It is a frightening reality and seems to strengthen the finding of the Linux Foundation / Dice report citing the risk of losing Open Source professionals in the 'in-demand' talent market. We have found that companies in Ireland are reluctant to invest in the future of their employees, with only the most senior of people having an opportunity to travel to conferences.

Even with travel expenses removed, it is also a disappointing fact that many organisations are reluctant to send their people to the many international conferences hosted in Ireland, such as, for example the Business of Software Conference which is taking place in Powerscourt very soon."


The Key Findings of the Report.


  • 71% of IT and cybersecurity workers have looked for new roles at other organisations in the past year


  • Frustrations include restrictions on career progression (49%), unwillingness to change the way that ‘things have always been done' (26%) and a lack of senior understanding of IT's role in achieving corporate goals (23%), along with being underpaid (51%);


  • IT employees feel held back by their organisation's restrictions on implementing new technologies (20%) and few opportunities to demonstrate their ability (30%), yet 78% feel the growth and success of their organisation is fundamentally reliant on themselves or their team;


  • The research highlights that IT managers are fully aware of the reasons for staff leaving.


  • 78% of IT workers state that the growth and success of their organisation is fundamentally reliant on themselves or their team


  • A fifth (19%) state that their organisation focuses to a great extent on innovation


  • Respondents in the professional services (84%) and manufacturing (83%) sectors are the most likely to consider new roles


  • IT roles in the manufacturing (47%) sector are more likely to lack career progression opportunities and it is driving people to leave - above pay. Interestingly, this sector also rated the highest in terms of growth and success being fundamentally reliant on technology


  • Almost a quarter (24%) of managers in the IT and telecoms sector say their employees will leave a company due to restrictions on implementing new technologies


  • 41% want to work at digital organisations like Facebook, and just a third (32%) at more disruptive companies such as Uber and other new start-ups.


About the research


Research was conducted by Opinion Research on behalf of EMC, amongst 500 IT and cybersecurity workers. The sample was drawn from organisations of over 250 employees in the UK and 109 ITDMs in any organisation size in Ireland (excluding sole traders), between 23 December 2015-7 January 2016.





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