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CoreOS Announce Updates to Quay

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DateWednesday, October 12, 2016
AuthorConor Shields

CoreOS Announce Updates to Quay

Kubernetes on Bare Metal Machines Steer CoreOS Quay to 80% Improvement on Build Times Says CTO Brandon Philips


161012_IrishDev_CoreOS_Brandon_Philips.jpgCoreOS have recently announced that  its container registry product, Quay, now has container builds that are significantly faster with 80% improvement in start time made possible due to the speed and scaling of Kubernetes. The update was announced as part of a keynote speech by Brandon Philips, CTO and founder of CoreOS, at LinuxCon Europe 2016 in Berlin last week.


According to Philips, aside from the speed and scaling of Kubernetes, the update was made possible because all builds on Quay are now executed on a Tectonic cluster, running on Packet bare metal servers.


According to CoreOS blog, " Instead of waiting for an AWS EC2 instance to boot (which can take upwards of three minutes), build start times are closer to 15 seconds. Builds now have a much faster startup time, roughly an 80% improvement."


Speaking to, Philips gave us more insight into the update.


"One of the things that we really care about at Quay is ensuring that we have strong security guarantees around the whole platform. So that goes from ensurin, for instance, that somebody can't get access to a container they're not supposed to, and in the case of the build system that you are never exposed to a scenario where your source code may be given to somebody that shouldn't have access to it. Up until now we've been using EC2 but that was proving to be slow. So what we've done now is that we've refactored entire build system and it now uses Kubernetes on bare metal machines. It's neat because we are using containers and inside those containers are virtual machines (VMs) that do the actual building," said Philips.




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When asked about what this update will mean for existing customers, Philips was happy to point out the immediate benefits that comes with the update...


“Well that’s pretty easy, it’s now 80% faster! This is pretty significant because if you submit a line of code and you merge it in, it’s much cooler to see it before you get a chance to do something like check Reddit or something, whereas before you had time to read a New York Times article and then come back. That’s the main benefit, it’s almost instantaneous,” explained Philips.


Although Philips made the official announcement of the release in his keynote speech, he explained that they had been rolling it out to their clients over the previous three or four days. He said; “It’s just good software engineering practise. What we did is we turned it on for ten accounts, then twenty accounts and then forty accounts, so it allowed us to do a safe roll-out. Essentially we timed the 100% rollout in line with the announcement,” said Philips.

Quay's build system transforms Dockerfiles and source code into container images automatically.




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