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Druid Signs Agreement Winncom Tech

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DateSunday, December 13, 2020

Druid Software Signs Agreement Winncom Technologies

Deal Sees Winncom Address Disruptions Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic as Workers and Students Forced to Work at Home

Druid Software, the Bray based core cellular network software company, has announced a key distribution agreement with US based company Winncom Technologies, a worldwide value added distributor and provider of complete networking solutions. The agreement allows Winncomm to re-sell Druid’s Raemis 5G & 4G private network application.

Chris Moore, Druid's VP of North American Sales, added; “Communication is essential in today’s world, where we are having to do almost everything remotely.

With the digital divide growing ever wider with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,  sub-standard connectivity has been highlighted in many homes. 

According to Winncom, which is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the timing of the distribution agreement could not be better particularly in the US market where the Company says it has ideal expertise in mobile broadband solutions using Druids cellular platform to address the urgent need for high speed broadband.

Enterprises can now address business and mission critical use cases using the innovative dedicated wireless coverage available in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum band, also known as OnGo (Band 48, 3.5Ghz). OnGo effectively allows businesses to tailor their network to a specific set of needs, such as IoT applications or In-Building wireless or connectivity in public spaces and rural and remote locations.

Using the unique Enterprise slicing capability in the Raemis platform Winncom customers are in an ideal position to prioritize devices on their broadband network over other less important data traffic. In Industry, for example, prioritization would be given to Industrial IoT or other devices on the network that are business critical where operational outages would have a major financial or health and safety impact, whilst at home priority may be given for devices that need critical data for video conferencing and work-related data applications over gaming or entertainment use. This enables the ISP to provide a VIP service for specific devices.

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Winncom's VP of Global Vendor Management & Marketing, Igor Kurochkin, said; “The ability to easily and quickly deliver high speed data is more important than ever post Covid. Our customers are keen to innovate with the new Band 48 licenses available to address the many use cases and areas in the US that need high speed broadband for home workers and students.”

Druid was established in 2001 and has evolved to become one of the world’s leaders in Private 5G & 4G Cellular technology offering solutions in areas such as enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, and public safety. Chris Moore (pictured above), Druid's VP of North American Sales, added; “Communication is essential in today’s world, where we are having to do almost everything remotely. This partnership with Winncom is ideal for Druid, with their years of experience in this technology, they have a very skilled team that can provide value added distribution, support and training to empower wireless internet service providers to quickly deploy 4G, LTE & 5G services where they are needed." 

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