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Irish in Race for Space Controller

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DateThursday, January 07, 2021

Irish in Race for Space Controller

Irish Space Technology Company Demonstrates New Real-time Operating system for Spacecraft Microcontrollers at ESA 

O.C.E. Technology, the Irish space technology company headquartered at NovaUCD, has successfully demonstrated a new real-time operating system for microcontrollers on spacecraft for the European Space Agency.


Barry Kavanagh CEO of OCE Technology says OCEOS has some unique features such as prevention of software deadlocks and precision timing for control outputs.

Named OCEOS, the software occupies a tiny amount of memory and includes the operational checks and recovery procedures required for mission critical subsystems on satellites and other spacecraft. The software, which is compliant with ESA’s safety category B regulations for spacecraft, is currently available for ESA SPARC processors with conversion to the more popular ARM computer architecture already in progress.


O.C.E. has developed software for technical applications and radiation-hardened chip-level components primarily for the space and high-reliability sectors. Operating in Europe, Korea, China, Russia and Singapore through a network of distributors, the company's software tools, real-time embedded system design, system-on-chip (SOC) and system-in-package (SIP) hardware products and range of satellite subsystems including solar cells, batteries and attitude control units which, the company says, are already well proven on the Chinese space programme, are supplied to internatioanl customers.


Barry Kavanagh (pictured), CEO, O.C.E. Technology, said; “We are very excited to have developed and successfully demonstrated only the second safety category B operating system approved for the European Space Agency. OCEOS has some unique features such as prevention of software deadlocks and precision timing for control outputs."


Kavanagh says the unique features of OCE's software tools allow more cost-effective embedded systems development, adding; "Whilst O.C.E. is currently selling to the aerospace market, OCEOS will create new opportunities for the company in other high-growth and global markets such as automotive and medical.”


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