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Astronauts Undertake Critical Fixes

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DateMonday, February 01, 2021

Astronauts Undertake Critical Fixes

Astronauts Travel from LEGO Universe to Carry Out Emergency Satellite Repairs at Ireland's National Space Centre in Cork


National Space Campus Astronauts from LEGO Universe Undertake Critical Work on Ireland's Smallest Satellite Dish at the National Space Campus

Two astronauts traveled across the LEGO universe on Thursday to carry out delicate emergency work on Ireland's newest satellite dish, Satellite 30365, at National Space Centre (NSC), Europe’s most westerly teleport and Ireland’s only commercial ground station.


Unlike the other dishes on site, which range from 6 metres to a 32 metre wide astro antenna and are regularly maintained by the NSC's own engineering team, Satellite 30365 measures in at only 7.63cm and required specialist tools and appropriately scaled expertise. The LEGO astronauts had to climb the Big Dish’s internal scaffold and hydraulic system. 

Opened as Elfordstown Earthstation in 1984 at a cost of IR£8M (€25M today), the National Space Centre has been providing commercial broadcast services, ground control support for satellites and space craft, academic research partnerships and space industry consulting for the last 10 years. 

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After completion of Thursday's critical mission, which co-incided with International Lego Day 2021, the LEGO space engineers also toured the centre's gallery of moon rocks and space junk, taking selfies and meeting engineers from more than a dozen Irish space startups and EU-headquartered space enterprises who are located in the NSC's Space Campus.

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