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MS Ignite News: Migrate Java EE App

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DateWednesday, March 03, 2021
AuthorNewsdesk / Microsoft / Reza Rahman

MS Ignite News - Migrate Java EE Apps

Deploy Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Liberty / Open Liberty on Azure Cloud

Azure Weblogic (open in new tab for full size image)

Microsoft have announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021 that customers can now use Azure Marketplace offers and automated scripts to deploy Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Liberty / Open Liberty on the Azure cloud, giving greater choice and flexibility to migrate Java EE apps to the cloud with a high degree of control and customization.


Customers can deploy WebLogic on Azure Virtual Machines or use validated Kubernetes operators to deploy WebLogic and WebSphere on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and WebSphere on Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO).


Deploy WebLogic on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Using Custom Docker Images 

Jointly developed with Oracle, this release adds a set of instructions, samples, and scripts to build custom Docker images based on official Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) images from the Oracle Container Registry. You can then publish the custom images to Azure Container Registry (ACR) and deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator. This makes it easy to get started with production ready deployments utilizing suggested practices from Oracle and Microsoft.

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The first release of solutions to run WLS on AKS enabled domains to be stored in Kubernetes Persistent Volumes utilizing Azure Files. This is suitable for customers that wish to migrate to AKS but still want to administer WLS using the Admin Console or the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST). This current release expands the deployment options for WLS on AKS by enabling custom Docker images. This represents a more Kubernetes native way of deploying to AKS through the WebLogic Operator, and also allows for post-deployment changes to the domain through ConfigMaps.

The solutions will work with any WLS version that supports the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator such as and, and allow for a high degree of configuration and customization. Further ease-of-use and Azure service integrations for WLS on AKS are planned in coming months via jointly developed and supported Marketplace offerings.

Getting Started - Running Oracle WebLogic Server on the Azure Kubernetes Service


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Run WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty on AKS

Developed alongside IBM, the Microsoft has published guidance to run IBM WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), utilizing the Open Liberty Operator and step-by-step instructions for running WebSphere Liberty or Open Liberty on an AKS cluster. The guidance is intended to make it easy to get started with production ready deployments utilizing best practices from both IBM and Microsoft.


Azure Open Liberty (open in new tab for full size image)

Part of the WebSphere family of products, WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty are IBM’s next generation Java platforms and are important to cloud modernization of mission critical enterprise Java workloads. Open Liberty is the production-ready, free, open-source base for WebSphere Liberty. Sharing the same core implementation, both offerings are fast, lightweight, modular, and container-friendly cloud native runtimes with robust support for industry standards such as Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile.


The combination of AKS with WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty offers a powerful and flexible platform for enterprise Java customers. The Open Liberty Operator allows you to reliably deploy and manage Java applications on both WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty. In addition to deployment and management on a Kubernetes cluster, the Operator also enables gathering traces and dumps for diagnostics.


The guidance uses official WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty Docker images from IBM and demonstrates using Azure Container Registry (ACR). The guidance enables a wide range of production-ready deployment architectures and provides complete flexibility to customize deployments. After deploying your applications, you can take advantage of a range of Azure resources for additional functionality.

Getting Started - How to Deploy Java Liberty App

This article was published by Reza Rahman, Java Developer Advocate, on the Microsoft Blog and edited (only a little) by (Want to contribute? Check out our Guest Writers section)


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