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Forbes' Stripe Article Disgraceful

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DateFriday, April 09, 2021

Forbes' Stripe Article Disgraceful

Stephen McBride Feels Wrath of Social Media As He Calls Limerick 'Stab City' in Article Celebrating Collison Brothers


"Some call it “stab city.” Many folks think Ireland is all rolling green hills and five-star golf courses. But in the middle of the Irish countryside is a city called Limerick—known as the “murder capital” of Europe."


Forbes contributor, Stephen McBride, feels the wrath of social media as he describes Limerick as 'stab-city' and 'the murder capital of Europe' in his article on the Collison brothers and their company Stripe Payments.

That was the opening paragraph of Forbes contributor, Dubliner Stephen McBride (pictured), a professional investor now living in the US, on writing an article celebrating the wealth of the Collison brothers.


McBride continues...


"A couple of years back, a gang feud turned Limerick into a warzone. Shootings, pipe bomb attacks, and stabbings happened nightly. Some bad neighborhoods are even walled off by a dirty, graffitied 10-foot-high concrete barrier, like the Berlin Wall. It’s the kind of place, as my grandfather says, “Where even the German Shepherds walk around in pairs.”"


"Limerick is the last place you want your kids growing up. But two brothers who went to high school there recently beat the odds. Not only did they escape “stab city” — they moved to Silicon Valley, founded one of the most disruptive companies on earth, and became two of the youngest self-made billionaires in history. At barely 30 years old, Patrick and John Collison are now worth $9.5 billion each."


In all fairness, the Forbes article goes on to highlight the brilliance of the Collison brothers, but the damage had been done! There was no surer way of irking the wrath of countless Irish men, women, and ex-pats, as they took to social media to call out Forbes and McBride.



A great story on the success of Patrick Collison & John Collison Stripe - congrats. However a terrible and inaccurate description of our great city #Limerick. Clearly Stephen McBride Forbes contributor wanted to dramatize his story with this shameful description of Limerick. Michael Federle Sherry Phillips Chloe Sorvino Steven Bertoni we are great fans, friends and long time partners of Forbes but this is disgraceful and inaccurate reporting. Kerry Dolan #forbesbillionaires #Ireland #irishadvantage #irishtimes 

John Hartnett


Disgraceful, lazy, inaccurate and sensationalist “journalism” that needs to be called out, pulled up and corrected. 

I hope for his investors sake that he goes into greater due diligence when assessing investments If this is his level of “analysis” and “fact” checking before going to print on an article like this. Surprised that Forbes would allow it to be published in the first place....

Donal Cantillon


John you were right to call this out.  It’s an OTT dramatisation!!

Tom Flanagan


Agree with you Agree with you 100% John. Such sensationalism is indicative of the dumbed down clickbait such titles accept from contributors, no doubt for free, who are hoping to build their own personal brand.

Patrick Collison, Stripe Payments, responds on Twitter to the Forbes article by Stephen McBride by saying Limerick made them who they are.

Joy Redmond


Horrible journalism. Well done on sharing this and calling our Forbes for their shoddy work, looks like they have taken down the article but it can still be found through other websites. Disgraceful

James Kelly



Patrick, the older of the two brothers, took to twitter saying; "Not only mistaken about Limerick but the idea of "ovecoming" anything is crazy. We are who we are "because" we grew up where we did."



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