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Global Software Conference Dublin

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DateSaturday, August 08, 2009

Global Software Conference Dublin

International Experts Arrive in Dublin for epicenter, the Irish Software Show in Trinity College August 26 -28th


epicenter-Barry-Alistair.PNGThe countdown to epicenter 2009 (, the largest Software show and exhibition ever held in Ireland has begun with the unveiling the conference schedule which includes some of the world's most recognised software professionals representing global brands like SUN,, Realex Payments, ESET, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft,  Ingres, Google and Leapfrog.

Taking place between Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th August, the opening address by Ms Jennifer Condon, the head of Enterprise Ireland's software section, will see her present a comprehensive overview of their recently released four year strategy which has been designed to promote the Irish software industry. Her presentation is a must for all software CEO's and entrepreneurs in Ireland.



Professor Barry Smyth, founder of ChangingWorlds, the company which was bought by Amdocs for $60m (read more), and Colm Mulcahy, a leading cloud pioneer from Saaspoint (read more) will provide the keynotes on Thursday and Friday respectively.

The event runs over three days and includes over 100 technology sessions covering Java, Open Source, Microsoft, Database and Web technologies. The international evangelists from the US, Canada, Austria, Spain, UK and Ireland will represent  companies such as Sun Microsystems, Hosting 365, AvNet Technology Solutions, Realex Payment, ESET, Oracle, Provident CRM, Leap-Frog, Google, OpenApp, Ingres, Headway Software, InishTech, Echolibre, Tapadoo, OS3, Prodata, Black Marble and Agile Technologies, as well as several independent software specialists.

Speaking at the launch of, Barry Alistair, (pictured) principal of said, "Over the last couple of years, we have run several high profile software events in Ireland, such as the Irish Java and Microsoft Technologies Conferences. However, despite having a software industry which is widely recognised to have a superb, education-rich engine driving the development of superior Irish software products and services, we have been lacking a local conference of international scale with world leading speakers - epicenter 2009 solves both of these problems."

An event like epicenter is normally reserved for those fortunate to travel abroad to similar conferences in the US, England or mainlaind Europe. By bringing world class speakers to Ireland means the high costs are effectively cancelled out, and with epicenters free software expo, participation at some level in this annual software showcase is open to everyone.



epicenter speakers include Jeff Genender (US), Doug Clarke, Oracle (Canada), Eugene Ciurana, Leapfrog (US), Marc Grabanski, JQuery Authority (US), Robert Hogg and Richard Fennell, Black Marble (England), Simon Cook and Anthony Swart, SUN Microsystems (England), John Smedley, Ingres (England), Robin Christopherson, Ability Net (England) Werner Keil (Austria), Thormar Thorbjoernsson, Echolibre, (Iceland), Jan Lehnardt (Germany), Francesco Cesarini, Erlang (Sweden & Italy), Craig Murphy (Scotland) and Barry Dorrans, Independent Consulants (UK), Jon Skeet, Google (UK), and from Ireland, David Rook, Realex Payments, Paul Lynch and Kevin O'Connor, Hosting 365, Eoin Keary, OWASP, Owen Hughes and Keith Eccles, Oracle, Bob Duffy, Prodata, Ian Sutton, Headway Software, Aidan Gallagher, Inish Technologies, Niall Flanagan, Phil Bourke, Tipperary Institute, Damian OSuilleabhain, OS3, Dermot Daly, Tapadoo and Romans Malinovskis, Agile Technologies.



Barry Alistair continued, "As a nation, if we are to maintain our premier status and if we are to satisfy the ambitious software strategy drawn up by Enterprise Ireland, it's imperative that we continue to fuel the passion of our developers, particularly those who have entered the industry over recent years. epicenter is a celebration of our people and the Irish software and web development industry."



epicenter is taking place in Trinity College Dublin between August 26th and 28th. Booking is now open with all delegates being entered into a competition to win an all expenses trip to Joel Spolsky's Business of Software show in San Francisco, November 2009.



In addition to the epicenter conference, there is a free-to-attend expo taking place including free vendor demonstrations and a hub where software industrialists may collaborate, meet and work.



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