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CA Buys Cloud Pioneer 3Tera

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DateFriday, February 26, 2010
AuthorS K

CA Buys Cloud Computing Pioneer 3Tera

AppLogic Enables Rapid Simplified Deployment & GUI Management of Apps In Private and Public Clouds




Chris O'Malley, executive vice president of CA's Cloud Products & Solutions Business LineComputer Associates (CA) has announced it is buying 3Tera Inc, a privately-held  pioneer in cloud computing which provides utility computing services that simplify the deployment and scaling of online applications, along  with a  developer marketplace for cloud components. Terms were not disclosed.



Named Cool Vendor in IT operations by Gartner Group, 3Tera's AppLogic is the first commercially available cloud computing solution that cuts the cost and complexity of managing cloud infrastructures.  AppLogic uses an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to deploy complex enterprise-class applications to public and private clouds



The purchase of 3Tera follows CA's recent acquisitions of Cassatt, NetQoS and Oblicore, and shows CA is intent on aggressively expanding its portfolio of solutions for managing cloud computing.



3Tera also has a cloud computing marketplace that allows software vendors to provide developers with production-ready cloud components and full applications that are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. This greatly facilitates exchanges of value between developers, service providers and customers and  Integration with virtual and physical management technologies.



Chris O'Malley, executive vice president of CA's Cloud Products & Solutions Business Line (Pictured) said: "CIOs can use cloud computing to build and manage a new type of IT 'supply chain' across today's virtualised internal and external
technology infrastructure".

"3Tera technology is a powerful addition to the total solution CA provides for optimising these high-value supply chains-from the mainframe to the cloud," said O'Malley.


Using the intuitive GUI and drawing from a catalog of pre-configuredvirtual server and software components, AppLogic simplifies the design and deployment of composite applications as a single logical entity in the cloud. By unifying application configuration, application deployment, and a virtual server fabric - functions that are otherwise typically performed in a fragmented manner - AppLogic helps reduce costs, improve productivity and increase service quality.


Available both for building in-house private clouds and as a platform for cloud computing services, AppLogic allows IT professionals to develop and deploy online applications in minutes instead of weeks, using only a browser to manage and scale on-demand, fully distributed systems and deliver security and business continuity for all applications, while fully controlling their cloud computing environment.


By streamlining cloud-based deployment of composite applications, 3Tera adds significant new capabilities alongside CA's existing virtual and physical infrastructure management functionality - including that provided by CA Spectrum Automation Manager, the CA Service Assurance line of products, and the recently acquired assets of Cassatt and Oblicore.



ROUNDUP330.pngCA plans to integrate AppLogic with these and other key technologies to provide customers with a comprehensive set of tools for delivering, managing and optimising cloud computing as part of overall enterprise IT environment.



CA plans to extend support of 3Tera, which currently operates on the Xen virtualization platform, to both VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V.



Rachel Chalmers, research director at The 451 Group said: "AppLogic is a software platform that helps IT departments and service providers rapidly create and deploy cloud applications.By adding this technology to its own strengths in IT management, CA is offering an intriguing value proposition to customers who want to both take advantage of the cloud's adaptability and maintain rigorous control of the their virtual service delivery infrastructure."



3Tera also makes it easy for service providers to offer application stacks on demand by adding applications to the AppLogic catalog, where they can be deployed to a low-cost, shared cloud infrastructure.


3Tera's customers include more than 80 enterprises and service providers globally, which use the cloud computing technology to provide services to thousands of users.


3Tera CEO Barry  Lynn said "3Tera eliminates the manual, error-prone tasks that have historically hampered an organisation's ability to deploy IT services to the cloud,"


"As part of CA, we can bring rapid and simple cloud enablement to a dramatically larger group of customers,leveraging the thousands of CA sales, services and support professionals."



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