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Bad Web Design Causes Stress CA

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DateTuesday, March 09, 2010

Bad Web Design Causes Stress - CA  

Brainwave Survey Shows People Have to Concentrate 50% Harder on Poorly Designed Sites




Kobi Korsah, CA Director, EMEA Product MarketingCA has  Called for European Businesses to Wake Up to Web Stress or Risk losing customers and sales after the first ever neurological study of consumer reactions showed people had very strong reactions to poor online experiences.



CA partnered with Foviance, a leading customer experience consultancy, to explore web stress in relation to application performance, and its impact on consumer behaviour and buying habits.



During the study volunteers were wired up to sophisticated neurological
and physiological testing equipment, including an EEG (Electroencephalography) cap which monitored their brain wave
activity as they carried out online tasks such as finding and buying a laptop  and travel insurance.



Brain wave analysis from the experiment revealed that participants had to concentrate up to 50% more when using badly performing websites, while eye tracking, facial muscle and behavioural analysis of the subjects also revealed greater agitation and stress in these periods.



Kobi Korsah, CA Director, EMEA Product Marketing (pictured) said: "The results of this study send out a clear message - businesses need
to reduce 'web stress' and improve the online experience of their
customers if they're going to maximise returns from their web channel,

"It's not just about website design or internet connection speeds - the performance of a website is dependent on the performance of the web applications that support it. Businesses need an Application Performance Management (APM)solution which not only provides real insight into how customers are experiencing their web applications, but will proactively manage the performance and availability of these applications. This translates into better customer service, improved brand loyalty and increased sales."


ROUNDUP330.pngCatriona Campbell, Director and Founder of Foviance, and  a leading behavioural psychologist, said: "Consumers have very high expectations of web applications and web sites - to be always available and instantly responsive.


"This experiment simulated the experience of underperforming web applications for our volunteers. The results show that when online expectations aren't met, people quickly become agitated, confused and have to concentrate 50% more than normal.


"All these problems can be detected and prevented as long as businesses take a pro-active approach to measuring the customer's experience of web applications," said Campbell.



The experiment builds on the CA 2009 Web Stress Index which examined the frustrations associated with underperforming web applications.That research found that more than three quarters (77%) of European consumers blamed  either website owner or the website host (which is iusually chosen by the website owner) when an online application fails.



It also revealed that if consumers encounter problems online, 40% will go to a rival website and 37% will abandon the transaction entirely. Only 18% said they would report a problem to a company, which means companies need to have their own measures in place to understand how their website is performing from the customer's point of view.



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