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Irish Software Developers' Network Membership

The Irish Software Developers' Network is the country's most acclaimed and longest running independent group for Irish-based software developers.

Over the years, in fact since 2001, we have run regular software technology sessions for grass root developers in most every facet of software development, including .NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Agile, iOS, Android, Mobile and much, much more.

We have hosted countless evening events, along with multi-day events like epicenter, the Irish Software Show. These days, we produce regular monthly technology seminars in our intimate, purpose equipped venue, TCube, which is conveniently located for 'after-work' sessions on Dublin's Castle Street.

Our promise is:

"To empower Irish software engineers to increase their knowledge and skills by providing high-impact, cutting edge technology presentations in a fun and social environment."

2012 Membership

Membership is an investment in your knowledge, your career and your lifestyle. It's an investment which gives far more value to you than the price you pay!
  • 1 Month - €25.00
  • 3 Months - €60.00
  • 6 Months - €90.00
  • 12 Months - €150.00

The Benefits

By being a member, you will:
  • receive advanced registration options for their regular "Technology Talk Tonight" series
  • save substantial costs with an 18% discount and priority booking for a range of software workshops.
  • attend complimentary Social Nights - come along for a few beers, watch a film, have a natter (no stuff, just fluff!).
  • vote for events so you get to see the content most relevent for you.
  • get 15% OFF the RRP of any O'Reilly technical book.
  • save fortunes on exclusive ISDN Partner Offers.

Invest in Your Knowledge, Your Career and Your Lifestyle by Becoming a Member Today!

Being a member of the Irish Software Developers Network is the badge you wear to show your commitment to your future.

Join us today from as little as €25.00 and begin experiencing all of the benefits that our members are enjoying right now.

Remember....membership to the Irish Software Developers' Network is an investment, but one which gives far more value to you than the price you pay!

Contact us today here *Prices Include Irish VAT

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