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Cloudworker? What You'll Be Called!Survey Shows Cloud Computing Elevating the Role of IT: Focus on Business Strategy and Innovation
CA Software Targets Young GunsCA Mainframe Chorus Management Software Designed to Appeal to Next Generation Mainframe Staff
Asavie Wins Major Telefonica DealDublin Mobile Software Company Lands Multi-Million Euro Deal to Provide Product to Spanish SME Market
Ireland's Angels to Invest €10M Four New HBAN Syndicates Plan To Invest €10 Million in Early Stage Enterprises
Funding 4 IrishTech Firms Falls 50%IVCA Survey Shows Total Funding is Halved But Number of Deals Maintained
DIT Scores New Ricoh Print SystemNew e-Payment Print System For DIT Students Includes Mobile Phone And Website Top-up Options
Irish Angels Gave 09 Startups €4mIreland's Halo Business Angel Network Raised €4m for Early Stage Companies in 2009
Bad Web Design Causes Stress CA Brainwave Survey Shows People Have to Concentrate 50% Harder on Poorly Designed Sites
Pharm Affair Crest Partners EisaiLeading US Equipment Manufacturer Ties the Knot With Cork Pharma Specialist Crest Solutions
Irish Tech Funding Up 20% - IVCABut Venture Capitalists Warn That Future Early Stage Funding May Be Hit By Government Cutbacks
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No results matching "CA News"
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