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Anam Acquired by InfobipCash and Share Deal Merges Two of the World's Providers to the Mobile Network Operator Business
Exodus of Workers May Seek New JobsMicrosoft Report Shows Hybrid Remote Working is Here to Stay. Employers Must Be Mindful of Employees Right to Disconnect
IoT Taoglas Hires IoT Vet Mo NasserAppointment Will See Nasser Assume Responsibility for Driving Taoglas IoT Portfolio Globally
Greenfinch Upgrade Case Management €500k Upgrade to Siskin Improves Capability and Aims to Deepen Penetration in the Insurance and Retail Sectors
MS Ignite: Launch Low-code Power FxGrounded in Microsoft Excel This Open Source Language Allows Users to Begin Low-Code Developments with Relative Ease
Toothpic Tech To Help US Oral CareIrish Dental App Company to Provide 36 Million Americans with Virtual Dental Services Through US Insurer Delta Dental
Druid Signs Agreement PiersonDistribution Agreement Will See Pierson Wireless Deploy Druid Technology Across OnGo Networks Throughout the US
NearForm Secure $1m Funding from USIrish Covid App Sensation Nearform Receive Funding From US Tech Venture Capital Firm Columbia Capital
Irish Banks Lag in Digital MaturityDeloitte Recommend 8 Areas Which Could Improve Ranking Along with Customer Satisfaction
Botswana Savings Bank Choose CR2Dublin Based CR2 to Implement Fintech to Empower BSB Customers with Suite of Digital Banking Channels & Payment Services
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Senior Site Reliability EngineerExcellent
Viasat, Dublin, Ireland
Senior Software EngineerExcellent
Viasat Dublin, Ireland
ICT Managers - Civil Service€NEG
Government of Ireland
Senior Software Security Engineer€Open
Stackand.Co - Software Recruiters
Java Technical Architect
Stackand.Co - Software Recruiters
Java Software Engineer€Market
Stackand.Co - Software Recruiters
Software Developer - Java FullStack€Market
Stackand.Co - Software Recruiters
Senior Front End Engineer€Neg
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